News & Updates

Keep an eye on this page in the days ahead as we summarize any key additions to other pages on the site (new people getting involved, further details on films and panels, new sponsors and partners, etc). You can find out more on these new partners by visiting our Sponsors page

November 6 2012 - tickets go on sale tomorrow at the Alderney Landing box office and via TicketPro - $15 for the day plus service charges (fewer such charges if you buy at the box office)

October 2012 - we're ramping up our plans - A Walk in My Dream, about bluegrass harmonica legend Mike Stevens' transformative journey with the youth of Labrador, is a focal point of our afternoon, screening at 3 pm! Followed by Reel to Real, an information session featuring many local film, health and community organizations... against the backdrop of the Mixer, a chance for catch up with old friends and make new ones (sponsored by the Association of Psychologists of Nova Scotia).

August 2012: We've confirmed our Featured Film and will be announcing that soon.

We are open to taking a look at short film submissions for this year - contact us before October 1, 2012 if you've got something you'd like considered (idealy under 5 minutes long).

We're also in the process of generating some cool posters and promotional video trailers for our event this fall.