Afternoon Feature: A Walk in My Dream

A Walk in My Dream tells the incredible and inspiring story of Sarnia, Ontario harmonica virtuoso Mike Stevens, who's played the Grand Ol' Opry more than 300 times.
Several years ago, at the peak of his career, a chance encounter with some at-risk First Nations youth in Labrador changed the entire reason he plays music. His life would never be the same; neither would theirs.
The film traces Mike's journey from that first fateful encournter to the formation of ArtsCan Circle, a not-for-profit devoted to bringing instruments and music back to hard-luck Northern communities.
Equal parts honest and heart-warming, unbelievable and uplifting,
A Walk in My Dream is proof that one person CAN
make a difference.
A Walk in My Dream is produced by TORRentertainment.
The clip above is not from the film, but gives a sense of who
Mike is, what he's up to and the wonderful themes richly
explored in A Walk in My Dream.