2012 Evening Feature: My Name is Faith

The bonding that takes place in the early years of a child's life is crucial for developing the ability to express emotion and establish relationships. In the US, it's estimated that five children a day die from neglect - but what about those who endure neglect and survive?

Join us for the Atlantic Canada premiere of "My Name is Faith", which had it's world premiere at the Hot Docs festival earlier this year in Toronto. This documentary presents the experiences of a family as they lovingly engage in a process of bonding with their adopted children, with a focus on their daughter Faith, who has come to this new home after years of neglect. Director Tif Sudela-Junker and her daughter, Faith, with be joining us at the event.

Excerpts from the Director's Statment / read her complete account here

I never set out to produce and direct a film. As a mother, I just wanted to tell Faith's story and make people aware of what so many families are going through.

This film is my effort to honor my daughter's hard work to overcome pain. It's a way to pay homage to every person that has had to work hard to overcome a traumatic experience.

The truth is, I had this vision of what I wanted to accomplish: an artful telling of our story that sheds light on the depth of this experience, honors the hard work these kids have in front of them to have a life, inspires hope for families and serves as a call to action for people to try to understand, help and support children and families.

We wanted to tell a personal story, a non-traditional telling of our own perspective, avant-garde because, in the wake of today's sensational reality culture, our film treats a highly controversial subject and situation with humanity and reverence rarely found on screen

You can watch Tif Sudela-Junker discussing the film with the CBC's George Stroumboulopoulos and the film's executive producer, Adrian Grenier, here.